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Sweety is my 2 year old Quaker Parrot born April 20, 1999. On Easter Weekend April 16,2001 Sweety began plucking his feathers out. He had a small place about the size of a pencil eraser on his neck. Was bleeding very bad. I put stop bleed on him and vaseline.We took him to vet on Monday April 16, 2001,after Easter Sunday. She gave him and shot of Anti-biotics and carterized the area. Sweety seemed to be doing very well. This week Monday he plucked them out 3 times worse then before. Before. I put stop bleed on him. So we took him back to vet on Wednesday. April 25.2001. The vet gave him Anti-biotic shot, something for inflamation and something for Mites just in case that is what he had. She also put stop bleed on him. I have been taking pictures of him and am now going to document his condition. He is much better today April 28 and has shown no signs of plucking in the last two days. Today I have noticed that he is more on the bottom of his cage which is very unusual for him. The pictures are very graffic and not for the light hearted.
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Today is April 28, 2001

Today is May 18, 2001. Sweety is much improved. I removed the cow bell and started giving him the special parrot food again. He is almost healed now. The swelling has gone away and he is laughing, dancing, and all around much better bird. He still occasionally cleans his feathers but dose not pull them out as before. Here is an updated photo of him.


Today Sweety is on the mind. He is almost healed now. We removed his cow bell, and changed his food and he is much better bird. Much more content and no longer pulling feathers. June1, 20001

He is sadly missed by his mommy.
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