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I have been getting some wonderful email to the history page so I decided to add a page to the page for these great email letters. If you have any comments on West Virginia History feel free to write me

My name is Sam Klein. I was born in Wheeling, and lived in Valley Grove for the first few years of my life. My father, Richard Klein, used to tell me stories about the indian fighters Lewis Wetzel and Sam MCCOLLOCH while I was growing up. I explored Wetzels cave near the Wheeling Tunel, his grave sight near Bear rock lake, I helped him dig for artifacts along the ohio river where fort henry stood. My father was in the last seventies and early eighties, considered the foremost authority on west Virginia history, especially during the revolutionary war. He, along with Dr Alan Cooper, was instrumental in locating and excavating many forts in he area, such as Van Meters fort, Fort Henry, Fort Necessity, and many others. He also was responsible for locating the exact location of fort Henry in wheeling. Although he has since passed away, I have in my possession a filing cabinet full of information on wheeling, Fort Henry, The Zane Family, and many other families, forts, settlements and other points of historical interest in the northern panhandle of west Virginia and the surrounding areas. I am in the process of scanning this information (mostly in the form of index cards with brief paragraphs describing different events, people, as well as copies of microfiche that my father used in his research), and I was wondering if you, or any one that you know would be interested in this information. I offer it freely, no strings attached, just so long as it is understood that if you do use this information, that the credit be given to the late Richard Klein, via his son, Samuel. Thank you Samuel M. Klein