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Hello, I am Barb, owner of Barbs Place. I am a cockatiel breeder. I now have 23 tiels or should I say they have me. One Quaker Parrot named Sweety. 3 dogs, and one husband. My business was began in 1998 here in West Virginia. I am licensed through the state. Please click on images for the bigger pictures. The page is slow loading so please be patient. This page last updated April 2, 2011

My Bird Friends

This baby is two weeks old. 3rd generation.


Brat,Pearl,& Lucky

Brat,Pearl,& Gabby

Loopie and Brat
Loopie is Brats granddad.


Little Richard
3rd generation

Our first bird was Garcia. She was a Latino Cockatiel. She was a beautiful bird and very tame. She passed away on May 30, 2000 of this year. She was the mother of most of these birds. I miss her very much. She is the one who started all this.

My Bird Friends




Pearl and Lucky

Sweety thanks he is a cockatiel.
He doesnt know he is a Quaker Parrott.

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